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Silkn FaceTite Mini 精雕射頻美眼儀 (連一支專用凝膠) [預售中,12月15日前確認送貨安排]


原價: HK$2,388

特價: HK$1,988



Silk'n 2022年重點推出全新產品FaceTite Mini,專為抗初老而研發的家用美容儀器!射頻接觸面僅1.5cm²大小,能準確擊退臉上的各種皺紋、同時有效消除眼袋、淡化黑眼圈。

初期皺紋一般出現在肌膚較為嬌嫩的部位(如眼周、鼻翼、嘴角等),而年輕女性肌膚狀態整體較佳,不需要過高的能量,應避免過度護理。相比市面上普遍達2MHz美容儀,甚至是3MHz的射頻頻率,Facetite Mini的頻率為1MHz,能有效地達至上述效果,加上智能溫控及移動感應,安全地保護幼嫩肌膚。

FaceTite Mini的Bi-Polar RF多組雙極射頻能有效轉化能量,加速血液循環、收緊皮下組織、減淡皺紋。同時進行的LLLT低能量激光療程,能加熱真皮層,有效刺激膠原蛋白再生。產品配備有四種強度可供選擇,可視乎使用者的需要而隨意調節。










品牌: Silk’n     適用人群: 18-55(男女均可 產地: 中國  
產品型號: Facetite Mini    保養期: 主機一年自攜保養

•美容儀X1 •Type-C 充電線X1 •說明書X1
•Silk'n Facetite Gel 專用凝膠

Q: The instrument has a motion-sensing function, but it glows when I am not moving?
A: The motion-sensing function is relatively strong, and external movement may also be sensed. For example, if your instrument does not move, but your manual operation, the device will continue to run. But when the instrument is not moving, the radiofrequency energy it emits will be lower, which will also protect your skin.

Q: Why has the 24K gold electrode faded?
A: The electroplating materials will be worn to a certain extent after a long time of use. The color may become a little lighter but it will not completely fall off or rust. It is safe to use.

Q: Can the upper eyelid be used?
A: It is not recommended, because the upper eyelid is thin and may touch the eyeball.

Q: Can it be used on other parts of the face?
A: It can be used on other parts of the face. FaceTite Mini is designed not only for the eye area but also for the dead corners of the face. It can effectively act on the dead corners of the face (such as the wings of the nose, the corners of the mouth, etc.), and improve the skin such as fine lines at the dead corners of the face. problem.

Q: Can it be used while charging?
A: It is recommended to use it wirelessly (unplug the charging cable) after it is fully charged. This will reduce the harm to the battery. If you need to use it in an emergency, you can also use it while charging.

Q: There is electric current noise during use?
A: The current sound that appears during the use of the FaceTite series is radiofrequency current sound, which is normal.

Q: What are the advantages of FaceTite Mini over the eye-beautifying devices on the market?
A: Silk’n's eye beauty instrument takes "precision carving" as the core concept. It does not only reduce eye wrinkles, but also dilutes subtle parts of the face such as the nasolabial folds, and realize the fine carving of the eyes and face to help you resist the first age.

Q: Why is there no FDA certification?
A: Both FCC certification and FDA certification are quality certifications for entering the US market. The beauty device has passed the FCC certification, and the FDA certification is not a required quality certification for the beauty device. FaceTite™ can be used on the neck and hands at the same time, but it is recommended to use another product Silhouette™ for other parts of the body.

Q: What are the payment method for online payment?
A: You can pay by using PayDollar safely, such as Visa, Mastercard, or AliPay for online payment.

Q: What are the payment method at the store?
A: You can pay by using PayDollar safely, such as Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay, WeChat Pay or AliPay for payment at the store.